LUX P.O.E. Multipurpose Outdoor Water Filter

LUX P.O.E Outdoor water Filter is made of a light quality material with internal structure made of food grade polypropylene covered with fiberglass that can withstand high pressures, strong UV from sunlight and of course is is rust-free.

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LUX Point of Entry (POE) outdoors water filters are normally installed at the main water supply connection point. When installed, it is able to trap sediment before it enters your home water supply. The Lux POE water filter will look after your health and even help protect clothing and fixtures, and extend the life of your appliances.


A quality outdoor water filter eliminates chlorine, chlorination by-products, dirt and other various particulates from municipal water supplies. The Lux POE Outdoor water filter is installed directly onto your homes main water entry point, facilitating the removal of contaminants from the entire water supply; throughout your house. The use of an outdoor water filter guarantees that each and every fixture in your property is supplied with clean, filtered, de-chlorinated water.


  1. Anthracite Layer  is a very hard coal. This media is desirable to filter larger particles and suspended matter, but it also help to remove excessive amounts of iron.
  2. Granular Activated Carbon removes odours, organic chemicals, pesticides, solvents, chlorine and other contaminants and impurities.
  3. Sand media will eliminate bacteria, small particles, turbidity and suspended solid substances.


Size (Width x High) 21 x 137 cm.

Weight 24 kg.