Alva is a market leader in distribution of Water Purifiers
and Water Dispenser

in Southeast Asia for more than 40 years

Lux Asia Pacific is a leading distributor of premium Water Dispensers under the brand “Alva” in South East Asia for more than 40 years with long-standing experience in the water purification system. Since 1978 we are present in the region and started operating in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam with its own entities. With more than one million users per day, Alva will always try the best to provide great drinking water and prompt services for you.


“We improve the standard of living, and add value to a fulfilling lifestyle”


We provide premium appliances to achieve basic needs of people in a smart and reliable manner, thereby allowing them to enjoy their life to the fullest

Company History


Lux Asia Pacific started operating in Thailand.


Lux Asia Pacific started operating in Indonesia.


Lux Asia Pacific started operating in Vietnam.
Lux Asia Pacific became a member of the Vorwerk Group that has been operating successfully for over 130 years.


Lux Asia Pacific became independent from Vorwerk and now is privately owned.


Lux Asia Pacific started operating in Malaysia
Lux Asia Pacific officially becomes FC Bayern’s Regional Partner in Thailand and Indonesia.

Alva is FC Bayern’s Regional Partner

Alva has entered in a regional partnership with FC Bayern Munich to promote good quality, sustainable pure water, and easy access. The cooperation is based on common values, such as high-quality standards, innovations, and sustainability. With this cooperation, we will further increase the awareness of our products and their benefits in the market.