Alva Royal

Healthy Clean water Innovation, Germ-Free and Protecting The Minerals Suitable for the Body


Healthy Clean water Innovation, Germ-Free Protecting Minerals Suitable for the Body.

The best solution to overcame the problem of water in your household.

The Alva Royal pure water purifier, meets the standards of drinking water directly, providing clean and tasty mineral water, according to the WHO World Health Organization standards.

The Alva Royal Drinking Water Purifier is a clean, healthy, and germ-free drinking water innovation. It provides minerals suitable for the body. It has 3 types of filters to choose from based on the water condition at your home. The Alva Royal Drinking Water Purifier uses UV Light to kill microorganisms and bacteria, the cause of dread diseases.

Alva Royal Purifier comes with an intelligent and automatic control system allowing you to manually set the required amount of water (by controlling the water supply time of the machine), while saving electricity. Spill-proof water securing absolute safety and the longevity of the machine. Save money by eliminating bottled water.

  • Pure water purifier incorporates a high intensity UV light system.
  • Intelligent design Alva Royal Water Purifier has a dual circulating function for effective sterilization.
  • World-class testing and approvals for your peace of mind.

Size (Hight x Depth x Width)

370 x 205 x 300 mm.

Weight (Exclude Filter)


Power Frequency

50/60 Hz

Maximum Water Pressure

0.6 MPa

Supply Voltage While Engine Running

0.1-0.3 MPa

Flow Rate


Incoming Water Temperature

7-34 °C

The Temperature During Work

5-38 °C