Alva Counter Top


Meets every lifestyle in the family with a global standard water purifier that can adjust water temperature to as many as 4 levels. Size : 296 (Weight) x 375 (Height) x 425 (Depth) mm.

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First class purification performance in a distinct compact unit. Excellent, thoroughly purified water for families.   With its sophisticated and premium look, Alva Counter Top is the ideal worktop solution for kitchens, bar and break areas.   Alva Counter Top features Firewall™, Alva’s patented breakthrough technology which offers advanced purification even for cleaning your drinking water from pathogens by up to 99.99%. Positioned at the point of dispense, also it acts as a barrier, preventing bacteria and viruses from entering the system.   A simple, intuitive interface and clean design.

  • Guarantees 99.99% pure water, 100% of the time.
  • Hot and Extra hot water, perfect for making tea, coffee and soups.
  • Choice of cold water, hot water, room temperature, and extra hot water.

*Bacteria 99.9999%, Virus 99.999%, Cyst 99.9%