Only Waterlogic’s patented UV Firewall water purification technology is scientifically proven to be 99.999% effective against the human form of COVID-19 virus.

Delivering unrivalled drinking water purity, hygiene, and security is the main mission of Alva Water. The UV Firewall purification technology, developed exclusively by Waterlogic, has been tested and certified globally to remove up to 99.9999% of bacteria, viruses and cysts such as Legionella, Salmonella, E. coli, Hepatitis and Rotavirus from drinking water.

The emergence of the COVID-19 virus and the very high risk of transmission have made us strive to ensure that Alva Water Dispensers can be relied upon as a source of safe and hygienic drinking water. As proof of our commitment to the purity and safety of healthy drinking water, the UV Firewall purification technology has been rigorously tested against the human form of COVID-19 by a team of microbiologists from the University of Arizona led by Dr. Charles Gerba, an expert who has been known internationally for the methodology of pathogen detection in water and food.

UV Firewall Technology Testing Process

The UV Firewall purification technology has been tested and scientifically proven to be effective against the COVID-19 virus. Independent research conducted by Dr. Gerba and his team at the Water & Energy Sustainable Technology Center (WEST) at the University of Arizona confirmed the effectiveness of UV Firewall technology against the SARS-CoV-2 virus, or more commonly known as COVID-19.

First, incoming water was tested to ensure it was not contaminated and that it contained no traces of the disinfectant chlorine, which would have compromised the test. Then the leading independent microbiology laboratory carried out tests on two Firewall units, each with one dose of the COVID strain spiked into the water of between 186,000 to 310,000 colonies, which is an extremely high concentration of COVID.

The Firewall treated water samples showed an average colony reduction of over 5 log (99.9998%). These results demonstrate that Firewall is effective in inactivating the human form of the COVID-19 strain with a reduction of over 99.999%.

Firewall is 99.999% effective in eliminating COVID-19 from your drinking water.

UV Firewall, Complete Safety Both Inside and Outside the Machine

The water supply that you use for the water dispenser is not necessarily safe from the risk of bacterial and viral contamination. The range of Alva Water Dispensers available for household and business needs are designed with cutting edge filtration technology using activated carbon filters, and also purifies water through the UV Firewall purification system. The purification method works by exposing water is to UVC lamp radiation which can kill 99.99% of the microorganisms present in the water.

It doesn’t stop there, UV Firewall technology is also installed on the water dispensing point or nozzle. This enables the machine to eliminate viruses and bacteria right before the water reaches your glass. This feature also acts as a barrier to prevent bacteria and viruses from entering the system from the surrounding environment. It is very important to avoid contamination of the water dispenser from users who are sick or sneezing near the dispenser machine.

This research proves the Firewall’s intense UVC light also acts as a powerful barrier, stopping viruses and bacteria from entering the system and sanitizes the nozzle to prevent cross-contamination between users, making Alva Water the first water dispenser in the world to protect your drinking water from various bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19.

The Result: Alva Water’s range of certified water dispensers are the perfect complement to your home or office, with excellent machine performance and guaranteed drinking water safety. Purified water on demand that’s safe and delicious to drink.

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